Mosquitoes and Insecticides

First off, I know I’m really late to post on this topic considering summer is almost over. But I spent my summer moving instead of blogging, so you guys will just have to keep this stuff in mind for next summer. 🙂

Insecticides, which you apply to your lawn to kill pests like ants and mosquitoes, can also be toxic to people, pets, birds, and non-pest insects (like those handy spiders and grasshoppers that eat pests, or those bees that incidentally pollinate our crops and support worldwide food production). Some scientists are linking colony collapse disorder to the widespread use of insecticides by commercial farms (read about it here if you don’t feel like having hope for the future for a while). So if you value your life, the lives of your children and pets, or, you know, eating, you should be steering clear of synthetic insecticides. That includes services like Mosquito Joe, which spray residential areas (although Mosquito Joe does offer an all natural option, which is great).

But then how do you deal with mosquitoes and the diseases that they potentially transmit? And what about ants that invade your home? I’ve found two good products for indoor pests and mosquitoes.


For mosquitoes, I used Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling Granules (I found it on Amazon). This stuff is totally safe for people and pets and works like a charm. I noticed a difference pretty much immediately after I applied it to my lawn. A 5 pound jug covers 4,000 square feet. It was awesome while it lasted; I didn’t get a single mosquito bite. It only lasted about 3 weeks, which is a shame, but it’s worth it to me to reapply because it really works. Side note: it kinda stinks, but the smell goes away after a day or two.


For ants and roaches in the house, I used EcoSmart Ant and Roach Killer (I found it at Home Depot). I had ants in my kitchen, I sprayed this stuff around the perimeter, and the ants were gone after a couple days. It worked great, but it was very strong smelling. Not bad, just be sure to open a window.