Cruelty-Free Brands

This list of brands that are cruelty free is a work in progress. This list, MY list, is of brands that I’ve researched on my own and found to be worthy of sharing. Other lists you might find (including the one on the Leaping Bunny site) usually only include brands that are Leaping Bunny certified, which is a wonderful thing but can be limiting. There are other companies out there that don’t test on animals that don’t have the certification but deserve our recognition (and business). Please feel free to send me your favorite cruelty-free brands so I can add them to my list.

In response to a couple comments about companies on this list that are owned by parent companies that test on animals or that sell both cruelty-free and animal-tested products: I understand not wanting to support companies that test on animals. But my position is that, for the companies, it’s all about the bottom line. I don’t think they’ll miss my money if I don’t spend any of it with them; boycotting only works on a large scale. However, I do think they’ll notice if their cruelty-free brands are increasing profits for the company. Therefore, I fully support buying products that are cruelty free regardless of what companies are higher up the ladder. How else, for example, will L’Oreal know that consumers prefer their cruelty-free hair care line? The companies will invest more in brands that make them money, so that’s why I think any cruelty-free purchase is a smart one.

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to comment. This sort of conversation is exactly what we need to have to be informed consumers.


7 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Brands

  1. Hey,
    Just thought I would let you know that Seventh Generation is actually refusing to support legislation that would severely limit animal testing like the EU has passed. I got an alert from PETA and emailed the company for more info but haven’t gotten any response yet. Seems shady and you might want to add some sort of addendum after their name on your list.

  2. Just wanted to mention that Burt’s Bees is dold to Clorox, a company that test on animals and L’Oréal company (test on animals) own Body shop.
    I would only support a brand that is completely cruelty free which include the owner company or the parent company, in the US and abroad.

    • Thank you for commenting! I clicked the link and saw the PETA states that Organix DOES test on animals. However, the Organix site states that it DOES NOT test on animals (check out the FAQs). So who do we believe here? The Organix site goes into pretty impressive detail about their testing practices:

      No, OGX® products are NOT tested on animals. OGX® does not initiate animal tests on either finished products or ingredients whether directly or indirectly. All ingredients used are carefully monitored. All suppliers are requested to confirm that their materials have not been tested on animals. Ingredients which do not have this data supplied for them are not used in any products. OGX® is against the suffering endured by animals when ingredients and products are tested. We support suppliers and organizations that are developing alternative methods of testing without using animals.

      The PETA site, however, offers no proof that Organix tests on animals. Also, and this is just my opinion, I’m not a fan of PETA and their tactics. I support lots of the things they support (banning circuses, being vegetarian, not wearing leather, banning animal testing), but I fundamentally disagree with their stance on companion animals and the underhanded tactics they use to promote that stance. So I’m not inclined to believe what PETA has on their site unless they link to some facts.

      Again, thank you for commenting.

  3. Interesting..I did my research and personally I wouldn’t risk using them if you want to use completely cruelty free products. I found this article which explains it quite well- . Just so I’m not repeating myself, its also fairly recently written.
    I respect your way of thinking, but Peta does keep very up to date and I think it’s a pretty reliable source to take information like this from without full facts.

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