Parissa Express Wax Strips


Parissa is a company that makes only cruelty-free hair removal products. In addition to being woman-owned, the company is Leaping Bunny certified, which means it passed a rigorous certification process. Check out the company’s other socially responsible aspects here.

Parissa sells hot wax, warm waxcold wax, and body sugar and all the supplies that go long with them. It also sells “professional” quantities (meaning salons–or dedicated consumers–can purchase in bulk).

But the best products in my opinion are the wax strips–cellulose (not plastic, so they biodegrade!) strips that are “pre-loaded” with wax. I’ve only use face and bikini package because I only wax my upper lip, but the strips come in lots of different sizes. These are by far the most convenient way to remove hair using wax, and my skin has had very few reactions to the hair removal process (mainly I learned that for my sensitive skin, I can’t wax the same area twice in one session or I’ll get a “burned” area that requires a few days to heal). All you have to do is

  1. rub the strip between your hands for 30 seconds or so to warm the wax,
  2. pull the strip apart,
  3. apply each wax-covered side to your skin and press firmly, and
  4. rip the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

You can purchase the strips on the parissa site, on Amazon, and at Bed, Bath & Beyond.