Diva Curl No-Poo Quick Cleanser

As I’ve mentioned, I have oily hair. I have to wash it every day or risk looking like I’ve been hiking the Appalachian Trail for a week. But as everyone knows, between having a full time job, graduate school classes, a baby, a volunteer commitment, a second job, or just a really healthy fondness for staying up late drinking, it’s not always possible to get yourself 100% percent clean and gorgeous everyday. Sometimes it’s all I can do to rub a soapy washcloth across my pits, gargle with mouthwash, and put on a hat.

So I’ve been trying to find a good dry shampoo for those in-between days. I used to use one that Dove makes. It worked really well: light spray, not too wet, not at all powdery, smelled nice, and disappeared after brushing. Now, of course, I want to find a cruelty-free version. The first one I’ve tried is Diva Curl’s No-Poo Quick Cleanser. I have raved about Deva Curl and its No-Poo cleanser and One Condition conditioner. They are both staples in my hair care routine. I am sad to report, however, that I was not thrilled with the Quick Cleanser. I followed the directions and sprayed the roots of my hair. The spray was really wet, and no matter how much I rubbed it in and brushed it out, it never seemed to dry. Now, two disclaimers here:

  1. It’s possible I misunderstood what this product does. It is, after all, called “quick cleanser” and not “dry shampoo.” Maybe it’s meant to be wet and I’m an idiot for expecting it not to be.
  2. I have only used it once. I plan to give it a couple more tries (but how do I find a day when I don’t mind looking greasy?)

I will edit this post if subsequent uses prove more successful. Until then, I am on the look-out for something else.

DevaCurl “No-Poo” Shampoo and “One Condition” Conditioner

The DevaCurl brand is a godsend for women with curly hair. I myself have wavy, fine hair, and its products do wonders for me. I found the brand while on a quest for sulfate free shampoos and silicone free conditioners. I was so happy when I found this brand because not only is it 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone free, but it is also cruelty free.

I initially bought small bottles of each because, like many of you I’m sure, I sometimes have bad experiences with sulfate free shampoos either weighing my hair down or drying it out. But I used up both bottles and have since bought several more of the 32 ounce sizes!

Like other sulfate free shampoos, the cream-style “no-poo” cleanser does not lather. It’s more like a conditioner consistency. But it rinses away cleanly–I never feel like there’s residue. The conditioner is also creamy and a little thicker than the cleanser. Despite that, the conditioner has a lightweight feeling once it’s on. It either absorbs well or rinses away completely because once I’ve rinsed and gotten out of the shower, my hair doesn’t feel “coated” like it does with some other conditioners.

When it’s time to style, my hair feels bouncy and clean. This duo of cleanser and condition seem to cut my hair drying in half–maybe because it doesn’t strip the natural oils in my hair? And the fragrance (which I absolutely LOVE and smells a little like candy) stays with you for most of the day. I considered trying DevaCurl’s other line of products for damaged hair (DevaCare) because my hair is, well, damaged but decided to stick with the original because it smells SO GOOD.