LUSH Bath Bombs

I don’t take a lot of baths. Like, maybe 5 a year. But when I do take a bath, I want it to be an EXPERIENCE. I set aside a full hour, get all my lotions and potions together, get a book and a glass of wine, and really devote myself to it. I got a LUSH bath bomb for Christmas one year–it was the first time I’d ever seen one–and knew it was going to be the perfect addition to my ritual.

LUSH bath bombs are spheres about 3.5 inches in diameter. They are made up of a packed chalky substance and come in a huge variety of colors and fragrances. I tried the Pink Bath Bomb, and it was sweet and indulgent. When you drop the bath bomb in your tub of hot water, it instantly fizzes and releases its scent and its moisturizers. The scent lasts plenty long for an hour-long soak. And when you drain the water, it generally doesn’t leave a residue (however, the LUSH website does warn you that some bath bombs have petals or other organic matter that will be left behind).

In addition to bath bombs, LUSH makes all kinds of awesome, cutting edge bath and body products that are natural and cruelty free. Here’s a quick introduction to some of my faves:

If you’re anything like me and love fun, different natural health and beauty products, you’ll be checking out LUSH’d website in 3, 2, 1…

Kisses for a Good Cause


This Saturday, July 6th, in honor of International Kissing Day, stop by a LUSH store near you and help them set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most lip prints collected in one day. LUSH makes awesome cruelty-free cosmetics; in fact, this campaign is called “Cruelty-Free Kisses!” All the information you need, including where to find your closest LUSH store, is here.