Physician’s Formula CC Cream


Physician’s Formula is cruelty-free (I had previously stated that it was not; my apologies for not researching that fully! See here for my sources: peta2, Physician’s Formula FAQ, My Beauty Bunny). It also makes a line called Organic wear that, in addition to being cruelty free, is 100% natural, paraben free, and free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and colors.

I’ve really liked all of the products that I’ve tried in the Organic wear line. My favorite, though, is the 100% Natural-Origin CC Color + Correction Cream (side note: doesn’t “CC” stand for “color and correction”? So you don’t really need both in the product name?). In my quest for cruelty-free make-up, I’ve found plenty of mineral foundations in powder form. This is one of only a few in liquid form. I really like that this product, despite being billed as a tinted face cream and not a foundation, gives great coverage. I use my powder mineral foundations when my skin is behaving and I don’t need much cover up, but I use this CC cream when I have a break-out and need the coverage. I also really like that the consistency is dewy and that the liquid is easy to blend. It is definitely worth a try. IMO, the colors are a little darker than you might expect, so if you’re unsure where you fall on the “light” to “dark” spectrum, opt for the lighter option.


Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss



This Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss was a no-brainer for me to try because (1) I really like all of their other products that I’ve tried, (2) I respect Burt’s Bees’ company policy, and (3) the glosses are sold at grocery stores and pharmacies, so they’re super accessible and relatively cheap (about $7).

The gloss is super shiny but not sticky. There’s no weird taste or smell. The color is not saturated (as one would expect from a gloss); it’s just the right amount of color in my opinion. And the color you get on your lips is what you’d expect from looking at the color of the tube. My favorite colors are Nearly Dusk, Ocean Sunrise, Rosy Dawn, and Sunny Day. All of them have shimmer, and all the glosses are 100% natural.

Burt’s Bees also make Lip Crayons (deep, matte color), Lip Shimmers (not much gloss; lots of shimmer), and Lip Shine (less color; more glossy).

Organix Australian Tea Tree Shampoo


Okay, so I have been searching for natural dandruff shampoo that actually works. This search has been going on for years, and I’ve tried LOTS of shampoos. I didn’t post about the ones that didn’t work well because they may work for some people, just not me. Today, though, is a momentous day because I can finally post about the dandruff shampoo and conditioner that work really well for me.

Organix is an awesome company that makes cruelty-free hair care (and some body care) products derived from natural, organic ingredients. I have posted about its Coconut Anti-Breakage Serum, which is an amazing product if you have frizzy, damaged hair. Its other amazing products are its Australian Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, the discovery of which has made my life richer. more meaningful, and virtually flake free. 🙂 The active ingredients are tea tree oil and neem oil, both of which sooth your scalp.

I’ll stop right here because I know what you’re thinking: “Tea tree oil does not work on my dandruff. I might as well be slathering my head with anchovies.” I know! I thought the same thing. I tried so many shampoos with tea tree oil that did absolutely nothing. BUT this stuff works well (I’m on my third bottle). Maybe it’s the combination of tea tree oil and neem oil. The other big difference is this is the only time I’ve used a dandruff fighting conditioner in addition to the shampoo–making it a sort of double whammy. I follow the directions and put the conditioner on my scalp (which, as someone with super oily hair, I learned never to do or else risk having limp, flat hair all day), and it makes my scalp cool and happy. And it doesn’t weigh my hair down. This shampoo and conditioner combo really is great. It works well, smells wonderful (quite a feat for natural dandruff shampoo), and leaves my hair shiny and soft. I use it every day, and it’s only when I skip a day that I notice itchiness, flakes, etc.

You can find Organix products at most grocery stores, big box stores (like Target), and drugstores (like Walgreens and CVS). Both Ulta and Walgreens seem to have the best selection of Organix products. And if you’re a commitmentphobe, you can order trial sizes of Organix’s popular products directly from their website.

LUSH Bath Bombs

I don’t take a lot of baths. Like, maybe 5 a year. But when I do take a bath, I want it to be an EXPERIENCE. I set aside a full hour, get all my lotions and potions together, get a book and a glass of wine, and really devote myself to it. I got a LUSH bath bomb for Christmas one year–it was the first time I’d ever seen one–and knew it was going to be the perfect addition to my ritual.

LUSH bath bombs are spheres about 3.5 inches in diameter. They are made up of a packed chalky substance and come in a huge variety of colors and fragrances. I tried the Pink Bath Bomb, and it was sweet and indulgent. When you drop the bath bomb in your tub of hot water, it instantly fizzes and releases its scent and its moisturizers. The scent lasts plenty long for an hour-long soak. And when you drain the water, it generally doesn’t leave a residue (however, the LUSH website does warn you that some bath bombs have petals or other organic matter that will be left behind).

In addition to bath bombs, LUSH makes all kinds of awesome, cutting edge bath and body products that are natural and cruelty free. Here’s a quick introduction to some of my faves:

If you’re anything like me and love fun, different natural health and beauty products, you’ll be checking out LUSH’d website in 3, 2, 1…

Yes To Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

Yes To Blueberries, the age-fighting line of all natural skin care products from the Yes To brand (more commonly known by Yes To Carrots), is the most robust plant-based cruelty-free anti-aging line I’ve come across. The blueberry line offers more than 10 skin products for your face, eyes, and lips that target wrinkles, dullness, and discoloration (to name a few). Its other lines focus on different skin concerns:

This Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is great stuff. It only takes one pump from the dispenser to cover your whole face, and it’s got a silky feel. It doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs well (but it does take a couple minutes to absorb–it might take less time if you use less of it). The best part, though, is that when I wake up in the morning, my skin is not an oil slick. For anyone who has oily skin with acne, you know that some moisturizers seem to send your pores into oil-producing overdrive. This cream does not, and, even better, it does not cause my face to break out. I haven’t noticed much of a difference in terms of wrinkles, but I’m in my early thirties and don’t have many wrinkles to begin with (prevention is my goal!).

Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment

Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment is a little tin pot of heaven. I use it on all kinds of bumps and scrapes, and it really does the trick. It soothes itchy spots (like the poison ivy I’ve got on my arm!) and covers and protects ouchy spots (like the scratches I got from pruning my trees!). It seems to also be reducing the swelling on my poison ivy bumps. I bet it would also be good on mosquito bites.

One drawback is that it’s made with beeswax, which gives it a sticky consistency. That’s a good thing because it really coats and clings to your skin, but it’s a bad thing because it doesn’t get absorbed. So, for example, if you’re typing on your keyboard and rest your forearms that are covered in poison ivy and Res-Q Ointment on the table, you’re going to leave behind a little smear. I guess you could use band-aids to prevent that–I’d rather just wipe off the table when I’m done. 🙂

It’s 100% natural, made in the USA, and, of course, cruelty free. Check out the Burt’s Bees site for more information.


Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant

Tom’s of Maine makes natural health and beauty aids like toothpaste, floss, and deodorant. And until recently, deodorant was your only option for underarm sweat detail from Tom’s. But (happily for all of us who want to fight both the stink AND the wetness of underarm sweat) it has just released an antiperspirant: Naturally Dry Antiperspirant. This stuff really is all natural, including the active ingredient of aluminum chlorohydrate, which is

made from recycled aluminum (which was originally derived from natural mineral bauxite ore)

That’s good enough reasoning for me! I am thrilled to find a cruelty-free antiperspirant that actually works. I’ve been using it for about two weeks, and I have absolutely no complaints. It comes in stick form and goes on smoothly. I haven’t noticed it balling into little clumps or leaving residue on my clothes. The powder smell is very pleasant but not overpowering. And it seems to wash away completely in the shower (which is important to me despite evidence that there’s no causal link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s).

Granted, it hasn’t gotten above 70 degrees yet, so I haven’t tested it in the heat of summer. But even if it falters (like most antiperspirants do), I think I’ll be a lifelong user.

Carley’s Clear and Smooth Daytime Moisturizer

I’ve reviewed another Carley’s Clear and Smooth product before (its amazing acne scrub that works wonders for my adult acne). This review is about what I follow up with after I use the acne scrub.

The Daytime Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin is the perfect complement to the acne scrub cleanser. Right after I dry off my face, I use one pump of the lotion and cover my face and neck. This stuff has never made my face break out. It is light feeling and absorbs well, but it keeps my skin moisturized well enough that I never get dry scaly spots (that are sometimes the result of other acne treatments). With other moisturizers, my skin can become an oil slick by the end of the day, but with this product my skin is just its normal, slightly oily self. In other words, this moisturizer makes my skin not too dry and not too oily but just right.

As an added bonus, Carley’s will send along a free full-sized bar of their wonderful natural soap. You’ll love the feeling of this soap on your skin: sudsy and soft. It’s gentle enough to use everywhere on your body because it’s not scented and because it’s made from all natural ingredients.

Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream

Burt’s Bees makes natural skin, face, and baby care products and make up. The company is careful to note on its website that it strives to make 100% natural products, but only about half are 100% natural (the other half are around 80% to 90% natural). There is a “natural bar” on every product denoting how natural it is, which I think is a nice bit of information to have. Would seeing that the eye cream, for example, is only 99% natural stop me from buying it? Nope. But I, as the consumer, feel like the company wants me to be informed, and I appreciate that.

The Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream is, by far, the best cruelty-free hand cream I have tried so far. I have been looking for a cruelty-free replacement for the Aquaphor Healing Ointment by Eucerin that I keep on my desk at work; that stuff really moisturizes. But it’s basically just petroleum, which is basically just a fossil fuel. So, in other words, I can do better. And this hand cream proves it! The cream is thick but absorbs well–it might leave your hands feeling “wet” for a moment, but that goes away. The moisture lasts for a long time (I usually use this at night, and when I wake up in the morning, my hands still feel supple). And the smell is wondrous: nutty, creamy, and sweet.

Carley’s Clear and Smooth Acne Scrub

To kick off my product review, I chose one of the first great cruelty-free beauty products I ever tried. I bought my first bottle of this acne wash in 2007 on eBay. I have pretty bad acne, and it’s gotten worse since I recently went through some, ahem, hormonal changes. This scrub, which is a true exfoliating scrub with benzoyl peroxide, keeps my acne mostly at bay. I use it every night (and when I skip nights, I really notice a difference), and I love it. A note: Because it contains benzoyl peroxide, it will bleach clothing. I always dry off my face with a white towel.

Carley’s sells a bunch of other great beauty products, like moisturizers and make-up, some of which I will review on this site. Everything they make is all natural, made in the USA, and cruelty-free. Check out their store at I promise you will not be disappointed!