Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Shampoo and Conditioner

Alba Botanica makes tons of great natural products for your face (including acne care), body (including deodorant and shave cream), lips (including lip gloss), and hair. It also makes natural sun block, which I can’t wait to try. This company is one of the few health and beauty aid companies out there to have the Leaping Bunny certification (learn more at, meaning that everything it makes is 100% vegetarian. 

I am a huge fan of their Hawaiian hair care line, specifically the Body Builder Mango shampoo and conditioner. Both are sulfate free, paraben free, and phthalate free. I like the shampoo because it’s one of the rare sulfate-free shampoos that lathers well. And I like the conditioner because it rinses clean and doesn’t leave a residue.

But mainly, and I can’t lie here, I like these products because they smell AWESOME. Seriously awesome. I can’t even describe how great the smell is. After my shower, I just want to crawl into bed, lay my hair across my face, and smell it all day long. Get this shampoo and conditioner. Get it and use it today and then send me a thank you note.