Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover Pads


Jason (one of the oldest natural personal care companies) makes wonderful natural and cruelty-free beauty products. I recently ran out of my go-to eye make-up remover and decided to try Jason’s Quick Clean Makeup Remover Pads.

First, I will point out that these pads are for all make-up, not just eye make-up. I am lazy, so I use general make-up remover for my eye make-up as well. But I know that some people need to use separate remover for their eyes. So I will note that the remover did make my eyes sting a little. I’m sure this is common when you don’t use a make-up remover formulated specifically for the eyes.

Aside from that complaint, I really like these pads. First off, it’s super convenient to not have to find a cotton swab, open the bottle, and moisten the swab before you can start taking off your make-up. That’s not a huge inconvenience, of course, but I did say that I was lazy. These pads are premoistened and ready to use out of the jar. They formula works really well to remove all make-up.

It generally takes me 3 pads to clean my entire face including eye make-up. The jar contains 75 pads (which equals about 25 uses for me) and costs $8.79 (which is about 37 cents per use). I think that’s pretty reasonable when you factor in that you’re not also paying for cotton swabs. Another plus is that you can buy these at Walgreens.

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

The Yes To brand is one of my all-time favorites. The company is cruelty free and strives to use all natural ingredients. It makes the following targeted skin and hair care lines:

These premoistened facial towelettes from the Yes To Cucumber line come in a convenient travel-sized package with 10 towelettes in each. The towelettes are perfect for removing make-up on the go. I take a package with me when I go on vacation, and I would totally put one in my gym bag if I ever went to the gym.

I use a towelette to remove all my make-up (eye make-up, foundation, lipstick), and then I follow up with a face cleanser because I have acne prone skin. Despite my skin’s tendency to throw a tantrum every time I use a new product, these towelettes did not upset my skin; I didn’t get a new breakout or anything. And they seem to remove my make-up really well–there were only a couple times I woke up with residual eyeliner smeared around my eyes (and that could very well have been due to my drunken make-up removal attempts).

In addition to being cruelty free, these facial towelettes are 98% natural and biodegradable.

Lumene Eye Makeup Remover

I have been using Lumene products for years and, as I’ve done so many times since I started my cruelty free journey, braced myself for the bad news as I browsed through its website: no mention of animal testing (which usually means that the company does indeed test on animals). But, lo and behold, right there under “Our Philosophy” it states that the company does not “carry out animal testing nor order it through subcontracting.” That was music to my ears! Lumene products are wonderful, and you can expect to read lots of my reviews about them.

This review is about Lueme’s eye makeup remover. Most importantly, it works really well. You know how sometimes you take off your eye makeup right before bed, and you use lots of cotton swabs and lots of makeup remover, and you think you’ve gotten all of it off, and then you wake up the next morning and you’ve got big greasy circles of makeup under your eyes? I HATE that. Because I’m not going through all that trouble when all I really want to do is pass out just to have it look like I did nothing at all. Well, that doesn’t happen with this stuff.

I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do I pile it on (who am I, this guy?): primer, highlighter, eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara. I use four cotton swabs (two for each eye) with this product and gently wipe the makeup off. I don’t need to scrub it off, and I don’t need more than the two swabs. The eye makeup remover feels like water on the swab–just cool and wet–but it does feel a little oily on my skin. I don’t really mind that because I always follow up with a quick face wash.

Full disclosure: I also use this to remove my face makeup. I know that’s not what it’s for, but it works so darned well that I can’t help myself. And (knock on wood) it doesn’t seem to affect my acne either way.