Bath & Body Works Hand Soap

I have always liked Bath & Body Works, and I know I’m not the only one. I have great memories of going to the mall with my teeny-booper friends and being drawn to the wonderful fragrances pumping out of the Bath & Body Works store. And I remember when I got my first apartment and made sure that the first thing I bought was hand soap for the guest bathroom from Bath & Body Works. Even now, whenever they have a sale, I buy 10 or 20 bottles to stock up.

So I was super pleased the other day when, lamenting how much “cruel” stuff I still have to get through before I can buy and try more cruelty-free products, I looked at the label of one of my 30 or so bottles of Bath & Body Works hand soap and saw that it was not tested on animals! I wondered how this had escaped my attention for so long and rushed to its website to learn more. Sure enough, according to its policy on animal testing, none of its products are tested on animals, and most of the ingredients are not animal derived or animal tested.

So now I don’t have to figure out a way to use up all the delicious-smelling hand soap I have stored in my linen closet, nor to I have to feel that familar twinge of guilt whenever I use a cruel product leftover from last year before I decided to go cruelty free. I can enjoy this soap just like I have for many years, and I can share the joy with others! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this hand soap is (1) anitbacterial, (2) free of plastic microbeads that accumulate in our oceans (those “beads” in the soap and antibacterial gel are biodegradable), and (3) come in a dazzling array of wonderful fragrances.