Has “Natural & Organic” Tab

I love because I am a health and beauty product addict. I also work from home full time, so I’m a bit of a shut in (but in the cozy, happy way, not the scary, unhinged way). On, I can search through a huge selection of personal care and household essentials and get free 2-day shipping directly to my doorstep.

And, best of all, has a “Natural & Organic” shopping tab. In it, you can an impressive number of products from lots of cruelty-free brands (Toms, Jason, Seventh Generation, Method, and Mrs. Meyers to name just a few). AND once you start searching, there are category menus on the left side of the page. One of those categories is “Cruelty-Free.” How exciting is that?

What’s cool about that tab is that’s research team that’s tracking site hits, views, orders, etc., see how much that tab is accessed by Web users. If enough cruelty-free shoppers like us visit that page and use that tab, the data will show that consumers are looking specifically for natural and cruelty-free products. Which means that they’ll add more of those types of products to keep us coming back. It’s a win for us, a win for the cruelty-free companies, and a win for the animals.