Cruelty-Free Nail Polish


My husband pointed me in the direction of this fantastic blog called Vegan Claws. As you may have guessed, it’s a blog all about vegan nail polish. I was just complaining that it’s so hard to tell which nail polishes are cruelty free because the packaging almost never says anything about animal testing and because I don’t know which ingredients are red flags. And also because I just assume that nail polish is nasty stuff.

Which is why I’m so glad I found this blog! Check out this post listing cruelty-free brands of nail polish. I was excited to see some familiar names like

My plan for the evening was to go out to eat with my husband after work, but now I think we’ll be making a slight detour to Ulta so I can nab some new vegan nail polish. I can’t wait to have cute spring nails (and post about these fabulous brands, of course)!



Most of the Way to My Goal

When I started writing this blog (a little over a year ago I think), I was fed up with myself for preaching animal rights while quietly buying health and beauty aids that were tested on animals. My goal was to replace all my household & beauty products that were tested on animals with cruelty-free products (and of course review the cruelty-free stuff on this blog). While I may not post as much as I intended to, I am very close to meeting my goal. I believe that I have replaced 80% of my household and beauty products with cruelty-free products that are as good if not better than the cruel ones.

Here are some things I am having the hardest time replacing, either because the cruelty-free counterparts are not as good or because I haven’t found them:

  • Chlorine bleach. I know that just reading those words makes lots of people cringe. It really is awful stuff. But dammit if I want white whites!! The “green” non-chlorine bleach just is not as effective. I don’t use it all the time–maybe once a week?–but when I use it, I need it. Like getting rid of the mildew on my fabric shower curtain.
  • Nail polish remover. I’ve looked around but haven’t found a cruelty-free version.
  • Depilatory cream. Again, haven’t found a cruelty-free version. I may not, in which case I need to try something else. I’ve heard good things about “sugaring,” and there are some companies that make cruelty-free sugaring kits. If I give one of them a try, I will be sure to post about it.

If anyone has good advice about the above list, I’m happy to have comments!


Join Mayim Bialik to End Animal Testing!


Actress Mayim Bialik has joined Cruelty Free International‘s campaign to end animal testing in the United States. Read more here and sign the petition asking legislators to co-sponsor the Humane Cosmetics Act Bill (introduced March 5 as H.R. 4148).

It is very important to me to speak out on behalf of animals who cannot protest their suffering and ask the compassionate people of the United States to join me, and Cruelty Free International, to call on the U.S Government to end the outdated use of animals for cosmetics testing once and for all. It doesn’t take a genius to know that using animals for these cruel and unnecessary tests is unjustifiable.

Mayim Bialik

Some Too Faced Cosmetics are 100% Vegan*


A kindred spirit blogger, Sunny at Vegan Beauty Review, has compiled this complete list of Too Faced cosmetics that are vegan. The Too Faced brand is cruelty free, and some of their products are 100% vegan. It offers tons of great cosmetics, including, as Sunny pointed out, brushes made with “teddy bear hair.” I haven’t tried any of the products yet, but I just ordered the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection (which will replace pretty much all of my old eye shadows), and I will let you know how it works! And check out Vegan Beauty Review for lots more cruelty-free product reviews.

* Updated 4/18 thanks to a well-informed commenter. Previously I had written that ALL Too Faced cosmetics are vegan, which is false. The company does not claim that–I must have skimmed over all the important stuff on their site in my frenzy to order eye shadow kits. 🙂

Support Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals


This is the big one, folks. The Humane Cosmetics Act, which would prohibit animal-tested cosmetics from being manufactured and sold in the U.S., was just introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Urge your Representative to support this groundbreaking legislation! Click on this link to send an e-mail, and click here to find the phone number of your representatives to give them a quick call.

Can you imagine if we didn’t need blogs like mine? If we didn’t have to check the back of every bottle or package? If we didn’t have to scour drugstores, grocery stores, and the web for products we trust? Think of all the flippin’ free time we’d have! My novel would practically write itself!