c. booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Creamy Body Scrub


As is probably obvious after reading my reviews on this blog, I am a sucker for bath and body products that smell good. I’ve posted before about another c. booth product that is heaven scent (see what I did there?): the Walnut Shell Body Scrub & Cleanser.

I am also a sucker for body scrubs, which is why I tried a different c. booth body scrub after finding the what I considered to be the holy grail. And I was not disappointed. The Mimosa Honeysuckle Creamy Body Scrub is a triumph on both tactile and olfactory scales. The consistency is like shower cream with soft sand added to it. Compared with the walnut shell scrub, the “scrubbies” are smoother and fewer in number. So it’s safe to say this cream is a less aggressive exfoliant.

Also, whereas the walnut shell scrub’s fragrance is nutty, vanilla, and a little musky, the Mimosa Honeysuckle Creamy Body Scrub is fruity and sweet, and a little like champagne. It. Is. Wonderful. c. booth makes a few other products in this scent, so if you’re not big on scrubs, you can absolutely must try the body wash and body souffle.


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