Mario Badescu Drying Cream

Mario Badescu makes a dizzying array of skin care products–seriously, whatever your skin complaint, this company addresses it–and everything it makes is cruelty free.

This Drying Cream is a miracle of those of us whose main skin concern is acne. I use lots of Mario Bacescu acne products (I’ve already reviewed the facial cleanser and healing cream), but this might be my favorite. I put it on zits to minimize their appearance and shorten their duration. The zits go away quickly (maybe 2-3 days depending on when I start using the cream), and during that time the zits are less red and swollen.

The cream is a light green color, which helps to minimize the red inflamed skin. This cream is also super duper thick. Like caulk or plumber’s putty. I’m trying to think of an example not from home improvement, but that’s clearly where my head is at. Anyway, it’s really think and cakey, so you only need a minuscule amount.

Side note: I hate it when people say “Oh yeah, this eye cream is $1,000, but you only have to use a little bit, so this .01 ounce jar will last years!” That is usually complete bullshit. Also, I really don’t want to be thinking about if I’m using the appropriate, not-too-much-but-not-too-little amount of product when it’s 3 AM and it’s all I can do just to scrape off my make-up and splash some water on my face. So trust me when I say that at $14, this .5 ounce jar is expensive, but you really will be able to use it for a year. I’m worried that mine will expire before I use it up, and I use it almost every day.


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